Development Environment

AppContinuum has the ability to configure the initial local software development environment. This configuration consists of the following:

  • Codebase generation – A functional skeleton client and server codebase are generated according to the specified configuration options
  • Prerequisite verification – Makes sure all of the required SDK’s are installed properly locally
  • Build generation – Verifies that the client and server projects can be built from the command-line, and saves that configuration
  • Database configuration – The specified development database is configured to with the initial domain schema and test data
  • Test automation – The unit test are run and the integration tests are run against the configured development database as part of the build process

The result is that the specified location on the file system contains the new system ready to go, in a state where both the client and server builds run and include both unit tests and integration tests. Both the client and server projects are also pre-configured for any version of the Eclipse IDE, so they are ready to be imported and can be fully run directly out of the IDE using whatever Java sever technology desired.